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Our parent company Improin was founded in Central America over 23 years ago, and since then, it has grown to have over 268 employees across 3 Countries and various facilities with a range of wood products such as live edge raw wood slabs, finished resin cast wood slabs, a solvent processing facility, engineered wood panels distribution center, and door manufacturing plant.

Our local teams are actively looking for the best logs from the region to produce the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind slabs while maintaining the essence and rustic intricacies of each unique piece. At Slab World we handle the best slabs in the market, harvested sustainably, and we verify that each one of the slabs are kiln-dried, flattened, and sanded; for every tree harvested 10 trees are planted.

We service the retail and wholesale market from our Houston, Texas warehouse across the street from Karbach Brewery!

We welcome you to visit us.

All About Slab World


 Our goal is to assist you in finding the perfect slab to connect you to nature.

This is us

We are very happy to say that we have opened our first showroom here in Houston, TX where we invite you to visit us and see  our entire inventory of unique slabs ready to be turned into art, exotic tables with spectacular details that will draw awe, and many other products that definitely will be the statement piece for your home or business. Once you subscribe to our newsletter, you will also be able to receive more insights from our inventory that will come soon to our store.

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